Building a property portfolio

How many investments do you need in order to reach your financial goals? So you have one investment property and you've always wanted to build a property portfolio, but unsure if you can actually do it? In this course we’ll explore everything you need to know to assess whether you can make it happen – how you can use each property to purchase your next, what you need to consider when getting finance for multiple properties and what sort of properties you should consider do diversify your portfolio.

What you’ll learn in this course

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The benefits of building a property portfolio

We start the course by meeting your instructor and getting a quick overview of Blue Wealth Property Academy. We’ll look at how many Australians own more than one investment property and explore reasons for this. Together we will examine and learn how many properties you need to create the income you need for your lifestyle.

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The lesson of compounding

In lesson 2 we study the lesson of compounding and have a look at a timeline for buying multiple properties to build a property portfolio. We learn about equity and how to use equity in each investment to purchase your next.  

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Financing for multiple properties

One of the easiest ways to build a property portfolio is to use leverage by borrowing to purchase. In lesson 3 we look at how your borrowing capacity is affected when you borrow for multiple investment properties. We also explore the cost to hold multiple properties and how this affects tax deductibility.  

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What type of property investment?

In lesson 4 we learn to evaluate different property investment types and determine if they are well suited to you building a property portfolio. We study the data behind what will make a great investment and investigate the importance of geographic diversity and choosing different property types to mitigate your risk as an investor.

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Building the right team

Now that we have all this knowledge behind us, lesson 5 will explore the importance of knowing your numbers, and setting up the team you need to build a successful property portfolio. It’s now time you learn how to set some realistic and measurable goals so you can make property investment your reality.

Meet your educator

Owun Taylor, Senior Education Specialist

Owun is Blue Wealth Property Academy’s senior educator. He holds qualifications in finance, real estate and for decades ran a nationally-recognised, multiple award-winning mortgage and financial planning brokerage.

He is passionate about sharing his vast knowledge, is well respected by industry peers, and has over a decade’s experience as a professional speaker and educator. He has a knack for explaining the complexities within building financial wealth in simple steps and will work with you to set goals that you can achieve.

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20th Jun

I absolutely love and trust this company! I’ve learnt so much at all their educational events.

20th Jun

I took my first step into the investment world through Blue Wealth and it was the best thing I think I’ve ever done for myself to set up my future.

20th Jun

Throughout my conversations, I was provided a wealth of property knowledge that I lacked before. All my questions were answered promptly, with information backed by research, openness & honesty.

20th Jun

If you want to build your property portfolio, whether you’re a beginner or advanced, these guys are awesome!

6th Jun

Professional and informative discussions about property investment options.

20th Jun

Everyone at Blue Wealth is genuinely interested in my success and keen to work with me every step of the way.

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Building a property portfolio


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